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Direction, Design, Animation


​Secret Melatonin Gummies



An expressive, Educational spot all about Sleep. It is the most important thing, after all.

Catch Your Z's


We had the opportunity to work with a Secret Melatonin Gummy Brand on this short educational spot, highlighting the benefits of sleep. With everyone's sleep patterns so different, we decided to explore styles of all kinds and stitch them together with expressive movement.

Clock vector animation in 2D Design style

Everyone's sleep is unique. How can we visualize this?

We designed multiple design styles to highlight different sleep patterns. We linked these frames together through movement and transition.

2D animation, Enneagram, Motion Graphics, Motion Design, Gif, Explainer animation, commercial graphics


Client Secret Melatonin Gummies

Production, Design, Animation Noodle

Creative Director Doug Alberts

VO Talent John Patneaude

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