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Hello, We're Noodle

Noodle is a Midwestern-based Motion Design & Animation Studio. And most importantly, it's made up of people. People who love telling a good story and finding an even better way to visualize it. We craft original solutions for brands of all sizes, and obsess over every detail, big, small, and Al Dente.


We take on projects that excite us, as much as they excite you. We want to not only craft something we take pride in, but something we can all hang our hats on.

Have one in mind? Come say hi.

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Stef Alberts | Creative Producer

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Motion Graphics / Brand Videos / Marketing Solutions / UI Animation / Social Content / Social Good /

Doug Alberts | Creative Director

Doug leads the creative vision from inception, to Design, to nitty-gritty keyframes. In his downtime, you can find him working on his Toyota Hiace, cooking a family recipe, building IKEA furniture with his wife, or slowing down with God.



Stef Alberts | Creative Producer

When she's not guiding projects to a North Star, you can find Stef cuddled up with a good book, taking care of her many house plants, or planning out her & Doug's next vanlife adventure.



Doug Alberts is Creative Director and Owner of Noodle Design
Stefanie Alberts is Creative Producer at Noodle Design

Meet The Crew

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