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Animation, Design, & Direction


Short Film




A Studio Film created out of pure, ripe love.


A short film made for the sake of exploration, fun, and good humor at Noodle. Given that we were between projects, we saw this as the perfect chance to work on something meaningful internally.

Cooking, knife

This project gave the team a chance to explore Noodle's visual style. We utilized a combination of 3D, 2D, Cel animation, and various other methods to achieve the desired look.

Illustrative Airport
Collage canyon
Graphic Design picking 2D
2D deer design
3D subsurface scattering, jelly texture shapes
2D design and illustration
2D design and illustration with hand
process space
process diamond
process grass
3D island, c4d


Short Film


Creative Director Doug Alberts

Production, Design, & Animation Noodle Team

Additional Design David Tatevosian

Music + Sound  Jennifer Pague

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