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Direction, Design, Animation


Short Film




Origin is a short film about starting from well, 0,0,0.

(3D nerds know what we're talking about)


A meditation on movement, perspective, and ultimately change from one point to another. After many design iterations and finally finding the right camera setup, we realized we could bend and shape perspective to be a magic blend of 2D & 3D. Suddenly, the style lent itself to match cuts, snappy motion, and buttery transitions. Our ears wanted to feel the same satisfaction. We called our buds at Sanctus and they crafted a track that fit together like the last piece of a puzzle.

Things may not be as they appear

Part of the optical illusion came from using the right camera settings in order to flatten perspective. This gave objects a 2D look, even if they were distorted in-scene.

Early Explorations


Production Noodle

Creative Director Doug Alberts

Creative Producer Stef Alberts

Music & Sound Design Sanctus

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