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Animation, Design, & Direction





A helping hand in creating a music video for one of our musician friends, Taylor Armstrong.

Hillbilly Emo God Song

Meet Taylor

​Taylor Armstrong is a musician who crafts tones that comfort, yet remind us of low-spirited waves of life. We decided to compliment his track “Hillbilly Emo God Song I Guess” with visuals that highlight the art of being fully human. Emotions and all.

Taylor Armstrong
Taylor Armstrong
Taylor Armstrong
Taylor Armstrong
Taylor Armstrong

Capturing Fidelity

Our favorite part of this project was creating frames that felt emotional, bridged the gap between high and low fidelity, and complimented the music sampling.

Taylor Armstrong
2D animation, brush work, illiustration
2D, 3D mixed media design vases
Rainbow, 2D, illustrative, exploration
character design, etsy, 2D design, primary colors


Music Video - Taylor Armstrong


Creative Director + Animator + Designer Doug Alberts

Production  Noodle

Initial Design Explorations

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