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Animation, Design, & Direction


Short Film




A short film about heart, love, and memories.

Beep + Boop

Pictoplasma Berlin 2022 official animation selection
Stash Media
Motion Design Awards - VOTM

Best buds are forever.

In early 2020, my girlfriend and I found ourselves at one of the hardest moments of our relationship and friendship. Our year was sadly cut short when Covid sent us back to our home states, about 1200 miles away. In that time of separation, we depended on the memories that made our relationship sound. This film marks our moments of happiness and struggle in that season of distance dating. Stef and I are now happily married

Juxtaposition of Soft + Sharp


Short Film


Direction, Design, & Animation  Noodle
Sound Design  Dominic Pierri, Doug Alberts

Early Frames + Design Exploration

All Projects

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